Luxury Living Group is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of luxury furniture for some of the most important brands on the international scene: Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Trussardi, Bentley Motors, and Bugatti, as well as its own brand, Luxence Luxury Living.

A success story marked by craftsmanship, experimentation, and fine materials.


Alberto Vignatelli

This success story, built on craftsmanship, experimentation and precious materials, began in the sixties and was the brainchild of its founder, Alberto Vignatelli.

"There is a place where lifestyles are transformed into design and culture. Couture, talent and passions become collections able to represent the essence of luxury brands and dress up in emotions, fine architecture and environments around the world. This place is Luxury Living Group."

Alberto Vignatelli


The Luxury Living Group collections are the fruition of meticulous production processes: careful attention to detail and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance and design, balancing tradition and innovation equal-handedly.

This creative journey yields home furnishings and accessories of excellent workmanship. Every stage, from conception to the production of the prototype and creation of the final item, embodies the exceptional values of Made in Italy.

Craftsmanship, fine materials and a passion for stellar results have driven the Luxury Living Group for over 40 years in their successful quest to produce and distribute the furniture collections of the finest international Maisons.

The Palazzo

In 2013 Luxury Living Group chose Palazzo Orsi Mangelli – a magnificent 17th-century Baroque building in the heart of Forlì – as its headquarters, embarking on a renovation project to restore the Palazzo to its former splendour.

The renowned French designer Jacques Grange was commissioned to arrange the interiors.

Thus the individual rooms – but also the building as a whole – form the backdrop to a stage on which the furniture collections play a leading role.