Dolce&Gabbana Casa - Moon Island sofa in white
Dolce&Gabbana Casa - Moon Island sofa in white

Moon island sofa

Moon island sofa

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The Moon island sofa by Dolce&Gabbana, part of the new Dreaming collection, is distinguished by its singular proportions, a large enveloping backrest, and a generous seat.
The sofa is designed to decorate large rooms to enhance its volumes, becoming the center of attention of the space.
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  • Frame in wood padded with Polyurethane and Fiberfill
  • Back cushions in feather
  • Not removable fabric or leather cover, back cushion with removable cover
  • Wooden base with polished Gold24, polished chrome or gun-metal grey finishing
  • Optional onyx white or Absolute Black granite tray

298x189x70H. cm