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Bentley Home Collection

The Bentley Home collection offers an interpretation that draws from the core of the British automotive brand to continue its extraordinary journey discovering the authenticity of material and form.

With unprecedentedly clean lines and extreme curves, the collection’s design regains its natural fluidity, guiding the observer across subtly shaded surfaces in a seamless connection with nature.

This presents a remarkable perspective on contemporary luxury furniture distilled into pure design by Carlo Colombo, Federico Peri, Francesco Forcellini, the Bentley Home Style Office, and the Bentley Motors Design Team.


Versace Home Collection

The Versace Home collection is created as part of a collaboration between Versace and Luxury Living Group.

More than a simple transposition of the fashion brand’s stylistic codes, this project integrates fashion, luxury and living to offer a global experience of the Versace world. The collection speaks of know-how, creativity and pure design, echoing the revered identity of Versace. References to classical art, mythology and opulent decoration are mixed with typical Italian flair and Very Versace non-conformism.

The Versace world is revealed, room by room, in a succession of atmospheres that speak of its extraordinary ability to draw on different artistic expressions and transform them into a liveable reality.


Dolce&Gabbana Casa

The Dolce&Gabbana Casa collection is eclectic, surprising, and refined – a triumph of overlapping narratives, cultural references and artistry, achieved through excellent manufacturing that is authentically Made in Italy.

The technological innovation, decorative flair, and design experience of Dolce&Gabbana come together in a collection that is unique within the world of furnishings, establishing a new aesthetic, where boundaries tend to blur, and objects and domestic atmospheres define the people living there.

The Dreaming collection and the Verde Maiolica pattern complement the existing creativity seen in the Carretto Siciliano, Blu Mediterraneo, Leopardo, Zebra, DG Logo, and the Oro24K special collection, paying homage to Italian artisanal tradition and the distinctive codes of the brand’s DNA.


Luxence Luxury Living Collection

Luxence expresses the Luxury Living Group’s talent in interpreting luxury furnishings. Sophisticated and timeless, the collection embodies the different personalities and lifestyles of its various target customers. The elegance of design is enriched with a style that is distinctive, desirable and refined, versatile but always consistent.

The entire collection is modulated on the modern and dynamic aesthetic paradigm expressed through clean lines and sophisticated finishes, giving live to that elegant and impeccable atmosphere that sets Luxury Living Group apart. Cosmopolite, the principal line of Luxence, through a variety of different materials and finishes, generates four other ways of interpreting home living, thus offering customers the chance to express themselves through the Marco Polo, Palazzo, Mediterranea and Nomade lines.