Versace Home - Milano Design Week 2024

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Versace Home 2024

Versace opens the doors to its original Milan home and design Atelier at Palazzo Versace, Via Gesù 12, to showcase the latest Versace Home collection during Salone del Mobile, Milan Design Week, and tell some of the many rich cultural and design stories of the Palazzo via a bespoke audio experience titled, Versace Home: If These Walls Could Talk.

Versace Home 2024 - If these walls could talk

Entering Palazzo Versace is an immersion into the full Versace lifestyle. Rooms are curated into living, dining, and sleeping areas, each fully decorated in the Versace Home 2024 collection. This extends to the central courtyard where a glass house is erected with Versace Ceramics Gemstone flooring. The furniture collection, produced and distributed by Luxury Living Group, centers on Versace’s signature design codes. Now iconic symbols of the House, the Medusa, Barocco, and Greca were all designed and developed within the studios of Palazzo Versace, and many seen for the first time at fashion shows taking place in the Palazzo’s central courtyard, and are presented here across furniture, lighting, textiles and more. The Medusa ’95 and Greca feature to rounded chairs and deep, expansive sofas crafted in options of leather or chenille featuring the Barocco motif. The Barocco carries through across designs including tableware from the Rosenthal meets Versace collection. Polished metal in the color of Versace gold is treated to feel fluid as the backs and arms of chairs, or strong and solid as the bordering edge of coffee tables. The collection’s standout piece is the Medusa ’95 Conversation Sofa, a design that is unmistakably Versace in its exaggerated, lavish scale, and inviting comfort. Recalling a large bed, the sofa is an island of relaxation that features fine leather trim details, surrounding chenille Barocco reclining cushions, and options of indoor or outdoor leathers.

Guests are invited into the iconic stories of Versace’s Palazzo in Milan via an audio experience that takes place as they walk through the Versace Home display. Created in collaboration with Radio Raheem, Milan’s foremost independent radio station, a musical soundscape within the rooms is interspersed with voice snippets which tell some of the iconic stories to have taken place within the Palazzo walls; a place the Versace family and design Atelier have called home since the 1980s. Stories of the Palazzo’s significance to fashion and wider culture are shared including the groundbreaking meeting of Fendi and Versace for the Fendace fashion show, the birth of the Supermodel during the Versace Fall-Winter 1991 fashion show which took place in the Palazzo’s courtyard, and recent after-show celebrations which bring together Versace’s family of creative talent, such as Anne Hathaway and Hyunjin following this year’s Fall-Winter 2024 fashion show.

Versace Home: If These Walls Could Talk runs from April 17 to 21 for Salone del Mobile and is open to the public through limited pre-registration at

Versace Home 2024

The Versace Home 2024 collection, produced and distributed by Luxury Living Group, includes the following design themes:

Medusa '95

Versace Home - Medusa '95 Conversation Sofa

Medusa ’95 is a new take on a version of the House’s signature Medusa that first debuted in the Versace Spring-Summer 1995 collection. It features the Medusa elevated between Grecian metal details and features here across a full selection of homeware. The Medusa ’95 Conversation Sofa recalls a large bed and is detailed with fine leather trim and surrounding armrests enriched by comfortable reclining chenille cushions featuring Versace's Barocco motif. It is available in two alternate design versions, for indoor or outdoor use. The Medusa '95 Sectional Sofa is a large proportion sofa enriched by a play of cushions placed in an apparent random manner but supported by small roller cushions. The Medusa '95 Rounded Chair has a round and enveloping shape and is supported by a swivel base that allows for movement and adaptability within its setting. The Medusa ’95 Big Armchair is designed between a sofa and an armchair while the Medusa ’95 Bed features padded panels, with fabric or leather upholstery, and steel profiles with a shiny chrome or gold finish. The Ottoman Medusa '95 features a geometric shape. Limited-edition Medusa '95 Coffee Tables are enriched with mirrored surfaces, graphic lines and metal profiles.

La Medusa

Medusa is the most powerful and instantly recognizable symbol of Versace and is incorporated into the Versace Home collection in varying finishes. The La Medusa Armchair features a soft white shell, essential and clean lines, and a shiny base and decorative hinge in steel with a shiny gold finish or polished chrome with three-dimensional logo. The La Medusa Chair features a zip to the entire profile of the backrest and feet which taper at the end. The La Medusa Dining Table features a metal supporting structure and is available with a fine marble top in shades of black or white and with contrasting legs in shiny chrome or shiny gold, also combined with black. The La Medusa Deco Low Cabinet has beveled profiles with a lacquered wood structure in various finishes and a top available in different types of marble, including Calacatta Gold, Calcite Blue, Marquina Nero and Valentine Grey. Two Medusa Rugs are crafted in fabric worked with a light shade of color and features the Medusa to the corners.

La Medusa Metal and La Medusa Round Metal

Two collections consisting of a La Medusa Metal Armchair in total black with soft backrest featuring a cushion that seems set in the structure. The La Medusa Round Metal Armchair has an elongated seat and a backrest in shiny gold that shapes like an oval.

Versace Home - La Medusa Round Metal Armchair


Via Gesù Medusa and Via Gesù Greca

Named after Versace’s Palazzo in Milan the collection includes the iconic Medusa and Greca of the House of Versace. The Lady Desk, Bedside Table (1 or 2 drawers), and Chest of Drawers feature detail of the Medusa and Greca logo placed in their center. The Metal Console features a golden finish. A Rug is presented in a round shape.

La Greca

A classic architectural framing device symbolizing infinity and unity, the “Greek Key” is a symbol of continuity for Versace that it connects the latest designs with those originally conceived by the House’s founders. The La Greca Small Armchair features a worked and quilted backrest with a decorative gold-colored zip at the center. The La Greca Bed has the same quilted pattern central zip detail to its headboard. The La Greca Sphere and La Greca linear chandeliers turn the Versace House code into sculptural light features.

Iconic and Iconic Round

Sculptural volumes and well-defined lines are the distinctive features of the Iconic collection. The Iconic Sectional Sofa has three and four seats and a linear or curved shape. It is available in black and white versions. Armrests are almost suspended on the structure and a shiny gold metal support insert is added to the base of the seat. A series of container furniture includes the Bedside Table, Chest of Drawers, Low Cabinet, Buffet Cabinet, and Tall Cabinet, each featuring a three-dimensional logo. The Iconic Round Coffee Tables comprises of a triptych of different sized tables which link together and are crafted in shiny chrome or shiny gold with black table tops. Available also in an exclusive limited-edition version, featuring a gres porcelain top with chessboard or backgammon Barocco motif as the ultimate luxury lifestyle item.
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