Trussardi Casa - Milano Design Week 2024

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Trussardi Casa


The new temporary store on Via Santa Cecilia is a showcase for the brand’s distinctive values and contemporary creations by renowned designers. The focus is on more compact and versatile proportions and the use of new fabrics and finishing.

The new Trussardi Casa Collection continues the evolution process of the past few years, becoming even more intimate, emotional and tactile. It offers a range of harmonious and versatile furnishings, suitable for different spaces and architectural styles worldwide.

The search for quiet elegance is the underlying theme of the 2024 collection. It expresses and reinforces the brand’s vision of “good design”, where luxury equals elegance and objects made with care and passion that are capable of adapting to a sophisticated, “stylish” and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Produced and distributed by Luxury Living Group, the brand will present its new furniture collections in a new temporary store at Via Santa Cecilia 4, in the heart of the Design District, during Milan Design Week. This choice confirms the desire to give even greater visibility to the Trussardi Casa world.

This strategy grows stronger every year as the brand continues to look for new talents capable of interpreting its codes, in addition to the historic collaboration with Carlo Colombo. Designers from different backgrounds, cultures and traditions that are nonetheless united by a strong sense of discipline and spontaneous creativity. Thus, Francesca Lanzavecchia’s classic refinement meets Jimmy Delatour’s creative flair, Leonardo Talarico’s rigorous style approaches Matteo Agati’s soft, sensual forms and Antonio Facco’s essential elegance, creating a harmonious unity that is the spirit of Trussardi Casa. This year they are joined by a very young designer, Silvio Pompei.

This team of designers creates a dialogue between Trussardi Casa’s unique and distinctive values – craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to comfort - and a careful study of proportions, now more compact, versatile and in tune with contemporary lifestyles, without losing sight of fashion trends. The introduction of denim, a material that Trussardi Casa uses in a sartorial and stylish version to give its products a more casual style, is a step in this direction.



Francesca Lanzavecchia’s new Blooms sofa, available in two, three and four-seater versions, features a key element that acts as both backrest and armrest, wrapping around the structure like an overcoat collar. Inspired by the sartorial style of the fashion world and the craftsmanship applied to leather goods, it has been enriched with the PALI stitching. The very structure of the sofa, consisting of a frame, a seat cushion and a back-armrest element, allows different materials, textures and colours to be combined together. This creates unusual combinations for the home, such as denim paired with leather.

Lanzavecchia has also designed another version of the Nebula collection, which is inspired by the lightness of a cloud. Available as a chair and a lounge chair, Nebulina represents the brand’s quiet elegance at its best. Lanzavecchia has streamlined the enveloping lines of the collection without neglecting their tactile and emotional component. The backrest blends into the back legs. The contours are rounded and the shapes slightly curved, creating a harmonious dialogue between aesthetics and ergonomics.

Leonardo Talarico applies his streamlined and sleek design to two new products. The Mono armchair is sculptural. Available in two wood veneers, it consists of a single frame that houses the upholstered seat and backrest. This makes it extremely comfortable and emphasises its geometric lines.

Zero is a range of small side tables with strong visual appeal. They have a sheet metal base painted with a soft-touch finish and a round top. A second top is placed on top of the first to create an original offset look. The latter can be in lacquered glass, or in translucent enamelled copper for a more sophisticated look. A different kind of creative inspiration is behind Silvio Pompei’s design for the Hug side tables, based on a simple gesture inspired by the shape of a hug. A leather-covered thin sheet of metal is wrapped around itself and fastened using two logo buttons. The result is a conical shape supporting the table top, also covered in leather. Minimalist design is enhanced by every detail. Leather is the absolute protagonist, reflecting the brand identity and giving the product a sensual appeal.

Jimmy Delatour’s style sets him apart from the other designers and has come to define his collaboration with Trussardi Casa. His Town cabinet is also available in a TV version. The harmonious imbalance of its size and shape evokes an unusual sculptural and primal simplicity. The main feature of the design is the base, which emerges from the surface of the top and is extended by two practical trays. The new Grey Frisé wood veneer has a matte finish and a wavy surface appearance. The base and trays are in black-stained ribbed ash.


Besides the new collection, Trussardi Casa is also presenting a range of additional products such as the Neli range by Matteo Agati, which features a new “shelf” – two modular elements of different sizes that can be combined in many different ways. The key element of the Neli shelf is its aesthetic continuity. This is best expressed when it stands alone, despite its modularity. The option of a leathercovered shelf adds an extra touch of sophistication. The Neli collection also includes coffee tables in three sizes, with solid wood frames and leather-covered tops. They are also available in three smaller sizes in the new Grey Frisé veneer version to facilitate their integration into contemporary homes. The sinuous line of the structure is enhanced by a refined curved detail that connects it to the top, giving it a dynamic appearance without altering the sculptural quality of the product.

Designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia, the Nebula dormeuse is the latest addition to a collection that already includes a modular sofa, two armchairs (with a high and low back) and a bed. The dormeuse has a wider seat. It is characterised by a raised backrest that embraces the seat to become the lowest armrest, emphasising its enveloping design.

Finally, the Godwin bed by Carlo Colombo, an extension of the sofa presented last year, is characterised by upholstered motifs and double stitching, an element taken from the Trussardi coat collection. The bed can be customised with different material and colour combinations, thanks to a clear and distinctive mark that runs around the entire perimeter of the bed. Two optional side panels can be added to the sculptural headboard. Two bedside tables can also be added to create a more modular and dynamic design.

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