The world's first villa community featuring Bentley Home designed interiors

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The world's first villa community featuring Bentley Home designed interiors
Bentley Home proudly unveils a historic partnership with the development masterminds at UAE-based Mira Developments. Together, they present a community like no other – the awe-inspiring Mira Villas designed by Bentley Home, presenting outstanding design and a testament to the boundless possibilities of modern luxury. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, this first-time venture seamlessly marries the design aesthetics of Bentley Home with the visionary brilliance of Mira Developments, forging a new era of quality living that defies convention.


Elevating Lifestyle with an Exclusive Offer

Each villa boasts Bentley Home’s interior design elegance and a curation of their iconic furnishings, making it a community where luxury knows no bounds. The exclusive neighborhood comprises twenty-seven villas of 600 square meters and nine VIP Villas of 1200 square meters.

This distinctive haven will include a 5-star lounge, offering F&B services and a relaxed ambience, perfect for community gatherings. Complementing this, a dedicated business hub provides seamless connectivity, 24/7 services, and private meeting rooms, creating an environment for success.

A state-of-the-art gym will cater to health enthusiasts, featuring unique equipment, that will complement the large outdoor wellness areas. Mira Villas designed by Bentley Home is a bold declaration that redefines luxury and is crafted to enhance quality of life.


A Harmonious Blend of Urban and Nature

Located fifteen minutes from Burj Khalifa and five minutes from Meydan, the community offers unrivaled access to the city whilst being in a tranquil living environment. Situated in proximity to Dubai’s Financial center as well as Dubai International Airport, it also provides excellent connectivity and convenience for the frequent commuter and the urban epicure.

The vibrant community includes breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline and the serenity of a private lake. Green alleys are thoughtfully designed for leisurely strolls, invigorating runs, and cycling, creating the perfect balance between urban convenience and natural beauty.



Timeless Elegance Meets Sustainable Modern Luxury

Mira Villas designed by Bentley Home embodies a property style that transcends time, blending the established estate aesthetics with modern distinction. This development pioneers a single style approach, incorporating luxurious architecture and high-quality materials that will remain relevant for generations. The symbol of quintessential British performance combined with exquisite design depicts a poetic and powerful residential experience.

Energy-efficient architectural features such as high ceilings and roof extensions shield the villas from direct sunlight, leading to significantly reduced energy consumption. The façades, made with natural Portuguese limestone, not only add a touch of sophistication but also allow the houses to ‘breathe’. Renewable energy will be generated through the use of solar panels, recycled steel, and low-volatile organic compound paints used in construction.

The interiors within the community reaffirm Bentley Home’s core values by adding organic and modern shapes to well-defined lines, and iconic craftsmanship. Quality and functionality are at the core of the design – always underscored by a commitment to sustainability, nature, and green materials.

Bentley Home’s debut interior design development in the Middle East marks a significant milestone for the brand, as it continues to expand its global presence as the definition of modern luxury. This branded community not only embodies Bentley Home’s timeless elegance but also represents its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional living experiences.

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