Luxence Luxury Living - Milano Design Week 2024

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Luxence Luxury Living - Milano Design Week 2024


Luxence, the independent collection by the Luxury Living Group, adds a precious dimension to its quest for exclusive charm. The Milanese villa combines the quality of time and the interpretation of different styles with the art of entertaining in an elegant and luxurious setting. At the same time, it prioritises the importance of the individual, in line with the human-centred philosophy.


Luxence celebrates the importance of the human element as a fundamental principle of beauty. The quality of the furnishings is enhanced by rediscovering the relationships that exist and are lived out in the most finely decorated environments. To celebrate this union, the new Luxence collection is presented in Milan, in the luxurious yet intimate setting of a luxurious home that exudes a relaxed charm in the heart of a bustling city. Here, immersive atmospheres enhance that rarest of things: every moment lived to the full. Luxence reaffirms its commitment to continuously develop the most exclusive nuances, embracing a new humanistic approach to design where the quality of a living area meets and enriches the quality of life. Luxence’s exclusive and renowned craftsmanship focuses on sensory wellbeing. It creates aesthetically coherent worlds that stimulate all the senses, contributing to the serenity and satisfaction of those who choose to surround themselves with the Luxury Living Group’s proprietary collection.


Luxence highlights the importance of hospitality amidst the excitement of Salone del Mobile. Its vision takes shape in the prestigious and central setting of the villa On House, located in the heart of Milan at Via Passione 8. It presents itself without being intrusive, balancing the elegance of the shapes with the personalised narration of the furnishings. A silent but charismatic presence welcomes customers, friends, and anyone who enjoys interacting with the world of design. All are invited to share in this adventure. Luxence brings the place to life, transforming a luxurious and dynamic break into a moment of sheer pleasure, defined by comfort and uncompromising quality. This is not a typical exhibition context, but rather a privileged, open and intimate space. It is a sophisticated private area, a safe place where one can look around, touch, feel and relax. It’s Luxence time: welcome home.


Luxence draws on the Forlì-based group’s extensive experience in the field of fabrics and materials to bring the identity of the most prestigious fashion and luxury brands into the world of interior design. The company is also committed to expanding its passion to the realm of colour. The colour palette ranges from warm and soft shades of grey, reminiscent of a karstic river ready to burst to the surface, to LAMANTE, the iconic Luxence red representing both the heritage of the Luxury Living Group brand and the evocative power of the new collection. Luxence’s brand identity is closely tied to the theme of colour, which serves as a symbol of the brand’s visual and tactile sensuality. A world that transcends conventional means of expression and that becomes a unique and charismatic personality statement. Colour is used in the lacquer finishes, metal components and glass, adding a personal, emotional and seductive touch to an enveloping and vibrant environment.


Luxence - 2024 Collection

The new Luxence collection explores the relationship between style and fashion design to meet the customer’s requirements. The versatility of the elements allows each piece to stand out in its own right, while at the same time naturally blending in with its surroundings.

The Pavillion range showcases its sculptural power by using vibrant colours that harmoniously integrate with other pieces. Available in two generous sizes, the Pavillion table exudes an imposing assertiveness, making it the perfect addition to important residences and for those who love to entertain. The Pavillion console table in this range has a quiet elegance and understated charm, illuminated by bold Lamante red lacquers. Bond is a large sofa that takes on a modular dimension, making it suitable for even the most formal settings, while retaining its bold and monumental design. On the other hand, Concorde is inspired by the refinement of Parisian hôtels particulier, featuring pure and elegant lines.

The new Luxence collection has a focus on colour, taking inspiration from soft bouclé fabrics in warm, light nuances, ranging from ivory to pearl grey. The collection also features striking colour accents, such as the Bamboo coffee table, which has a metal frame and a back-painted glass top in the single-colour Lamante red. Luxence benefits from Luxury Living Group’s technical mastery and experience, enabling it to handle even the most complex workmanship with ease and expertise. The Chantilly vases are a masterpiece of chromatic virtuosity. They are handmade by skilled Tuscan ceramists, and come in shades of fuchsia and orange or purple and lime, decorated with precious gold lines.

Luxence is constantly experimenting with different materials and new craftsmanship challenges. It rewards the quest for excellence that comes from expertise. Its designs are accurate yet provocative, staying true to their origins to pursue a unique and coherent journey that embodies the essence of the precious Luxence style.

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