Introducing Luxence: the collection by Luxury Living Group

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Luxence Luxury Living - bedroom

Luxury Living Group presents Luxence, the Group’s first independent collection.

Luxence fully expresses the interpretative talent that enables Luxury Living Group to convey feelings and concepts in luxury home furnishings and accessories. The concept of the collection focuses on the travels in search of beauty embarked upon by Luxury Living Group designers and artisans.

The collection is modulated on the modern and dynamic aesthetic paradigm expressed in Cosmopolite, the principal line of the entire collection which, though a variety of different materials and finishes, gives shape to another four ways of expressing home living: Marco Polo, Palazzo, Mediterranea and Nomade.

Marco Polo recalls old legends and tales of adventurous explorations, told through delicate fabrics with intricate weaves and permeating the home with a sense of profound freedom.

Palazzo takes its inspiration from the pomp and architectural splendour of the historical buildings belonging to European nobility, reproducing their elegant and comfortable upholstery, and offering a contemporary interpretation of imperial aesthetics.

Mediterranea translates the sensuality of the elegant gardens dotted along the coasts of the Mediterranean into furnishings, giving the space the very same charm and allure that is shared by Alhambra and the gardens of Palermo.

Nomade looks sinuous in the modern home, conveying the idea of a mirage in the desert and drawing your gaze to rare finishes and precious details.

Luxence brings together the fabrics, metals, wood species, hides and techniques collected during the travels, through time or through space, of Luxury Living Group. The collection fully expresses the luxury lifestyle model as interpreted by the Group: elegant design is enriched thanks to personal storytelling which comes through in the choice of materials and techniques from all over the world. With the launch of Luxence,

Luxury Living Group sets out to share with its customers the beauty of storytelling through its very
setting, including all of the aspects of furnishings (from furniture finishes to home accessories) in a tale of a journey that is varied, aesthetically consistent and at the same time eclectic.

Luxence Luxury Living- Martha armchair

Luxence can be admired by the general public at the Salone del Mobile.Milano (7-12 June).

Luxence Luxury Living- Andy sofa

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