Bentley Home showcases its 2023 collection at Milano Design Week

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Bentley Home - Thames coffee table

The garden of Palazzo Chiesa hosts the Bentley Home collection.

Set against a Salento-like backdrop, the collection combines power and lightness.

The inner courtyard is transformed into a multisensory garden. Bentley Home highlights its origins and aesthetic principles at Milano Design Week with a new creative approach.

Talented designer Federico Peri has imbued his pieces with unique insight and a sense of delicate refinement: home living solutions exude the ancestral charm of cultural influences and genuine materials, while also enhancing a sense of power and lightness.

Bentley Home - Federico Peri

This collection reaffirms Bentley Home’s core values by adding organic and contoured shapes to well-defined lines, iconic curves and craftsmanship.

A Salento – Inspired Garden at Milano Design Week

During Milano Design Week, the inner courtyard of Palazzo Chiesa has been landscaped with typical Mediterranean plant life that engages visitors in a multisensory experience involving touch, sight, hearing and smell. The installation designed by architect Riccardo Cavaciocchi is Bentley Home’s centrepiece.

Bentley Home - Riccardo Cavacciocchi

Riccardo Cavaciocchi is the founder of Paper Factor®, a company that focuses on the textural quality of materials in contemporary architecture and interior design applications: an industrial patent supports the development of cutting-edge production technologies for the manipulation of a cellulose fibre-based mixture derived from post consumer and post-industrial natural raw materials.

Bentley Home 2023 Projects

The collection reaffirms the brand’s key concept of “potency”. Its most distinctive design features remain unchanged: well-defined lines, the skilful use of wood, the iconic curves and contoured shapes designed by Carlo Colombo with Bentley Home.

Camden dining table, designer Federico Peri

Bentley Home - Camden table

This table sums up the new 2023 collection. It is available in the round and rectangular versions, featuring soft curved lines and a slender top. Its contoured legs exude power and support the table top with a suspension-like effect, enhancing an elegant juxtaposition of lightness and dynamism.

Dalston console, designer Federico Peri

Bentley Home - Dalston console

The geometric console is shaped like a mathematical constant pi in a striking solid-void combination. The all-new application of the marble effect technique enables the creation of bespoke results. Its shape, inspired by the tall and rounded design of the front of vintage cars, enhances a sense of power and movement. The sturdy, dark coloured base gradually fades into a light-coloured and visually slender upper section. The console top features extremely delicate and sinuous lines and edges.

Thames coffee and side tables, designer Federico Peri

Bentley Home - Thames coffee table

These tables, available as two- or three-piece sets, sum up Bentley Home’s new vision, based on painstaking attention to sustainable materials and manual skills. Their atoll-like design features a contrasting core “set” inside dynamically curved crevice-like patterns. The legs are well-defined, while elegant veining patterns similar to those found in luxury cars, decorate the table top.
One of the coffee tables is available in a Paper Factor® version designed by Riccardo Cavaciocchi. It is made from a “Raw Paper” micro cellulose compound and natural pigments, and processed to obtain unusual surface table top results. Pigmented veining flows along the sides of the impasto, guided by the action of a gradual pressure during the sanding process that confers the charm of minimal movement to large neutral backgrounds. The end result is a one-off and utterly unique product that recalls marble, stone and wood, but also the mosses and lichens of Salento, as well as time, which leaves its own mark on calcareous stone.

Bayton sofa and armchair, designer Carlo Colombo with Bentley Home

Bentley Home - Bayton sofa

Carlo Colombo has designed a highly complex sofa in partnership with the style division of Bentley Home. Versatile and highly striking, it exudes great comfort, and its wood frame – elegant and light – is slightly flared outward. A reference to automotive design can be seen in the curved, streamlined and tightly fitted padding, which is the manufacturer’s distinctive trademark. Slim design and essential shapes offer an exclusive glimpse into the Bentley Home collections.

Brixton bed by Bentley Home


Bentley Home - Brixton bed

The new Brixton bed sums up the creative flair of the Bentley Home 2023 collection. Curved and dynamic lines define this highly comfortable bed, fusing minimalism and elegance.

The inner frame of the double headboard is available with a natural wood or lacquer finish, and contrasts with the slim upholstery to simulate the concept of movement.

A light effect (optional) adds a heightened sense of lightness to the diverse textures of the bed.

The inner frame, the bedside shelves and the footboard are available in a choice of veneers like Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquidambar and Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, as well as in a range of dégradé-effect Special Customizations.



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