Bentley Home presents the new 2020 collection

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Bentley Home- Newent sofas and armchairs - Matlock coffee tables

An extraordinary journey through Bentley Design codes that starts in Central Park and leads back home.

The new Bentley Home collection takes shape in an elegant, exclusive and unique New York penthouse. A house where the luxury of an exclusive and inimitable lifestyle, allows for a moment of calm, becoming a counterpoint of the perpetual movement of New York skyline. A space where the beauty, quality and refined elegance of the Bentley Home pieces enhance the daily life of those who live there.

The Newent line reveals organic and soft shapes that enclose fine leathers, fabrics and curves emblematic of the Bentley world inside an elegant shell that has a iconic curved profile made possible by state of the art techniques. Elegance and comfort are also the main characteristics of the Swan line, inside a living room furnished with the new Eastwood bookcase: pure in its design, perfectly expressing the style of the British brand.


Born from the excellence of Italian design, the Newent sofa joins the Bentley Home collection, a luxury brand of the highest craftsmanship and innovation.

The comfort and harmony of the shapes and the expressive design codes of the collection take centre stage in the Newent line as well. The external shell, available in the most prestigious and iconic version burr walnut, wraps the curved profile of the sofa revealing changes in angle that enhance its elegance and tapered shape.

The curve of the iconic Richmond collection has inspired the design and remain always in   the background as inspiration. This new project once again elevates a simple concept, in the creation of an innovative design and by exploring the freedom of sinuous and soft shapes.

The Newent sofa and armchair are both availableupholstered in your choice of leather or fabric and with a choice of two veneer options: burr walnut or smoked liquid amber.

Newent sofa in burr walnut frame, Newent armchair in smoked liquid amber frame.

 Bentley Home- Newent sofa and armchair



Designed by Carlo Colombo, the Newent line stands out due to the curved profile in the lower part of the structure, with changes in angle that enhance its elegance and tapered shapes.

Comfort and harmony characterize the Newent bed, that presents a headboard inlaid by hand in the precious materials such as burr walnut or smoked liquid amber with brushed gloss finish, or smoked liquid amber with matte finish, or in the alternative version entirely covered in leather or fabric. The staves are in beech wood, the embroidery with logo on the headboard as well as the diamond quilting on the back / front of the headboard and the gun metal finish aluminum profile are optional.

Bentley Home - Newent bed

Newent bed in burr walnut frame



The new Newent chair designed by Carlo Colombo offers a new perspective on the Bentley Home universe. The excellence of Italian craftsmanship translates silhouettes and codes of the British brand into home spaces: curves and precious materials outline an elegant, welcoming and inimitable seating project.

The structure is in curved wood, inlaid by hand with precious woods such as burr walnut or smoked liquid amber with a brushed glossy finish, or smoked liquid amber with a matt finish.

The seat is constructed with steel, padded and covered in fabric or leather.

Bentley Home- Newent chair

Newent armchair in burr walnut frame



The spirit of the Bentley Home collection is expressed in each detail of the new Eastwood bookcase.

From the internal curved line of the vertical structure, to the rounded corners and the inlaid glass of the partitions, this bookcase evokes the Bentley codes of elegance and refinement.

The structure is characterized by the large section of the wooden panels that outline its profile: curved on one side and flat on the other, refined beautifully in the corners.

The wood is covered in Vermont leather or in the precious burr walnut and chestnut briar essences, or in warm gray fiddleback sycamore, toffee brown smoked larch, smoked liquid amber gloss finish or smoked liquid amber matt finish. The dividers in tempered smoked glass engraved with a unique Bentley diamond pattern are optional.

Bentley Home- Eastwood bookshelf

Eastwood bookshelves in warm grey fiddleback sycamore frame



The iconic curves of the best seller Butterfly have inspired the new Swan line of chairs, a contemporary and elegant reinterpretation designed by Carlo Colombo.

The charm of Bentley’s expressive design codes, recalled in the tapered lines of the structure, is enhanced by craftsmanship tested by unprecedented challenges, such as the twisting of the wooden structure that gives life to the twist on the armrests.

Back and seat are in curved wood. Covered in leather or fabric. Optional embroidery with logo on the back cushion and square diamond quilting on the outside of the frame.

 Bentley Home- Swan sofa and armchairs



The new Ridley chair reveals all the elegant design codes of Bentley Home. The “S” shape of the main structure turns during its path, starting from the bottom as a base, which evolves into a seat and back, giving this product a great and unique design.

The lightness is emphasized by the beveled cut of the frame, which evokes the thin and aerodynamic lines typical of Bentley.

In all Bentley Home products, design is reinforced by construction techniques. Especially for the wooden versions, where high craftsmanship techniques play an essential role. The frame of the Ridley chair can be covered in fabric or leather from the Bentley Home collection, or in the precious woods burr walnut and chestnut, or Sicilian essences in gray violin, smoked larch in caramel brown, liquid amber gloss smoked finish.

The logo inlaid on the back for the walnut briar version, and the logo embroidered on the front backrest are optional.

Bentley Home-Ridley chair

Ridley chair in burr walnut frame


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