Bentley Home presents: Solstice – the first outdoor collection

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Bentley Home - Solstice side table and sunbed

The journey that Bentley Home has undertaken with Solstice, its first Outdoor collection, is a complex and fascinating one, consisting of creative discussion and experimentation. A sublime experience of open-air living that reflects the close collaboration between Bentley Home designer, Carlo Colombo, and Bentley Motors. Solstice represents the destination of the extraordinary journey that Bentley Home started out in Sicily in 2021, wending its way through the beauty of the natural landscape, history and cultural legacy.

The collection’s identity took shape in this interplay between the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and the vision of the British brand, and was inspired by the sensual, streamlined profiles of the Ramsey indoor line. The iconic Bentley Matrix grille was reinterpreted through a complex manual process. The super-mirror finish lights up with fascinating vibrations in the sunlight to emphasise the sophisticated details and refined, manually accomplished changes in cross-section.

The stainless-steel outer frame upholstered by hand in leather by craftspeople from the Luxury Living Group gives the items in the collection a contemporary note, which blends into the landscape with a natural elegance. Lightweight, dynamic grille elements are combined with full volumes upholstered in leather and natural fabrics selected in a range of neutral colours, from earthy shades to tones of aquamarine.

Bentley Home - Sostice sofa

Alongside velvet, chenille and satin treated for outdoor use, outstanding research into textiles was conducted to provide ample opportunity for fibres that best interpret a sustainable lifestyle. The new Outdoor collection is also available with the exclusive MARM \ MORE® fabric made from marble powder, conceived and patented by the Italian start-up Fili Pari and developed and produced by Limonta for Bentley Home. The new Colwyn hemp fabric is also used in a choice of three different colours, Cool Grey, Laguna and Desert.  Hemp is one of the oldest botanical fibres, it’s origins date back 6,000 years. Cultivated without the use of fertilisers and chemicals, it is the most suitable natural fabric for outdoor life because it resists extreme climate conditions. Colwyn undergoes anti-static and waterproofing treatment, which protects the fabric in any weather condition: dust and liquids slide off without penetrating the fibre, making it resistant to atmospheric agents.


The super-mirror steel grille wraps around and embraces the sofa, armchair, loveseat and pouf. Each individual slat, designed to follow the curved outline of the backrests, is cut using numerical control and features sophisticated changes in cross-section, which create elegant vibrations in the weave. The lightness of the grille finds consistency in the elements upholstered in leather and fabric.

Extremely lightweight and super comfy, the sunbed takes the Bentley Home lifestyle outside into the open air. Attention has been paid to every detail, which is engineered to create a balance between size, lines and textures, demonstrating the considerable efforts made by Luxury Living Group into achieving a level of excellence.

The Solstice Collection is completed by a series of coffee and side tables, where the grille reveals its dual structural and decorative function at its best. The super-mirror steel base accommodates a round marble top, available in a choice of exquisitely elegant Mont Blanc, the fabric effect of Silk Brown marble, or charming Emerald Green.

Bentley Home - Solstice Sofa and coffee table

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