Bentley Home - Milano Design Week 2024

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Bentley Home - Loftus sofa and Chilton armchairs



At Design Week, the Atelier of Palazzo Chiesa hosts the brand’s new vision.
Featuring lightness, dynamism, and an entry into the world of home office.


During Milan Design Week, the Bentley Home Atelier presents its 2024 collection, offering an interpretation that draws from the core of the British automotive brand to continue its extraordinary journey discovering the authenticity of material and form. With unprecedentedly clean lines and extreme curves, the 2024 collection’s design regains its natural fluidity, guiding the observer across subtly shaded surfaces in a seamless connection with nature.

This presents a remarkable perspective on contemporary luxury furniture distilled into pure design by Carlo Colombo, Federico Peri, Francesco Forcellini, the Bentley Home Style Office, and the Bentley Motors Design Team.


During Milan Design Week, Bentley Home unveils a sneak peek of its 2024 Catalogue, marking the second chapter of a journey that began in Sicily in 2021.

This year’s destination is Salento, embarking on a Grand Tour across six locations, each with its own soul. These sites, in stark contrast with Bentley Home’s luxurious elegance, echo the material and aesthetic harmony with the wild nature, the ancient history, and the art of Italy.

This journey is interpreted by Lionheart, a British multi-disciplinary artist, poet, and visionary director. His voice captures the essence of contrasts and the value of harmonies in each chapter, weaving a narrative of dizzying sensitivity.

«Within this collection, coded by the quality of comfort and Bentley’s articulated allure, each piece… is a punctuation of perfection, meeting the ergonomics of our desires. Complimenting curvilinear forms, full of compassionate intentions, where design expresses a bespoke telling touch of a journey towards the extraordinary, that could never be rushed.

A signature of a serenading craft, parting ways with a past to marry the moments, which carry us, only if we take a chance, to arrive where we’ve never been, and for it to feel like a reunion you never left».

The untouched beauty and vivid hues of Salento take center stage in an immersive multisensory installation within the Atelier. Sculpted rocks of cellulose, crafted with Paper Factor — a ‘Raw Paper’ blend of micro cellulose and natural pigments — along with verdant plants, lush shrubs, and the iconic red earth of a bauxite quarry that provided the backdrop for the 2024 collection’s imagery, are endlessly echoed through a mesmerizing mirroring effect and reflective surfaces.


WILTON desk, design by Francesco Forcellini

The Wilton desk embodies Bentley Home’s first foray into the world of home office furniture. The design, a result of collaboration with Francesco Forcellini, stands as a symbol of dynamism and clean lines, merged with craftsmanship in its curved details. Its dual-shell profile opens up to reveal drawers beneath the top, seamlessly transitioning into a slender line towards the base, accentuating a sense of lightness. The degradé finishing complements the movement in a fluid direction.

At Milan Design Week, it is showcased in Liquid Amber with an exclusive Dark Shadow special customization, and in Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore with Deep Ocean special customization.

Bentley Home - Wilton desk and Bollington office chair


BOLLINGTON office armchair, design by Francesco Forcellini

The Bollington office armchair captures the quintessential characteristics of Bentley with its sleek design and powerful aesthetic presence. Its backrest features a minimalist design that achieves a precise balance of volume with the Wilton desk, realized through a singular surface curved in three dimensions. The seat expands into two lateral sections that define the armrests, offering an organic and flowing echo of the desk’s form.

LOFTUS sofa, design by Federico Peri

Federico Peri has designed a modular sofa for Bentley Home, bringing his sophisticated approach with sculptural lines and new organic shapes. The floating cushions exude a sense of lightness, a sensation that is enhanced by integrated side tables within the seat, available in marble or covered in leather, that introduce a play of different layers.
These accents boast ribbed textures, beveled edges, and lines inspired by automotive design, crafting a look that is geometric, vibrant, and asymmetric. The sofa’s back structure gently slopes allowing a glimpse of the back cushions, in an embrace of unparalleled comfort and elegance. It is available in an exclusive open pore veneer finishing.

CHILTON armchair and chair, design by Carlo Colombo

The Chilton seating line has been designed by Carlo Colombo in collaboration with the Bentley Motors Design Team and the Bentley Home Style Office. Sinuous and enveloping curves reveal a sequence of contours and radii that extend from the seat to the ground. The outer shell features bands of veneer inserted into the leather shell, emphasizing a sense of dynamism, a strong nod to the automotive world.

LANGPORT bed, design by Carlo Colombo

The Langport bed is one of the most iconic interpretations for Bentley Home. The external panels can be veneered, emphasized by the Special Customization, contemporary with the black lacquer, and crafted in leather or fabric.
The internal headboard can be made of fabric, leather or sustainable leather. The panels feature a Striped Diamond pattern with metal inlays. Sophisticated reading lights are inserted into the headboard, seamlessly integrated to provide a soft, ambient glow that enhance its charm, inviting relaxation.


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