Bentley Home: An exhibition of design, made for you

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Bentley Home - An exhibition of design, made for you

Rhael Cape, otherwise known as ‘LionHeart’ is an award-winning British poet and spoken word artist who has inspired readers with his candid coverage of mental health, emotional vulnerability and masculinity. LionHeart’s poem takes a journey into the world of #Bentley Home, our award winning collection of furniture and home accessories. The range combines craftsmanship and materials with exacting design, inspired by the motifs and shapes found throughout Bentley cars.

The film features the recently opened Bentley Home Atelier located at 36, Corso Venezia, Milan. The unique Atelier represents the essence of the Bentley Home lifestyle: a space where luxury and customisation take shape, amidst the finest materials.

“I’m always inspired by intentionality, and the ability to put that quality of thought and specialism into what appears to be a seamless demonstration of aligned design. That motivates my writing, when something is that well put together it seduces my poetic penmanship, to create. I’m enamoured by how the craftsmen use their hands, it’s almost impossible to know the meticulous BTS stages that bring it all together. I love the fine details of craftsmanship, it grabs a hold of me in such a captivating way. Bentley Home gave me that feeling, delivered in what seems to be… with effortless lasting effect.” LionHeart, on his inspiration.

Discover the Bentley Home collection:

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