FENDI Casa unveils a collection that takes inspiration from nature and the colors of the earth, introducing unique and elegant elements and details. Characterized by timeless products and able to stand out in different situations, thanks to an everlasting style and design.

The new products feature a versatility that allows their transformation according to the needs and colors whose intensity can now be modulated thanks to modern technologies. Even the materials help to define the uniqueness and preciousness of the collection, reflecting the echo of ancient mastery of craftsmen and artists reinterpreted through innovative techniques. Nature in the end appears several times in the collection, with its colors, its shapes and its suggestions.

We thus find new chromatic emotions in stylistic elements that flow, in a constant link with past collections, such as blocks of color that today explore the nuances of sunrise and sunset, from yellow to orange and deep red.
Still, the deep green of a lush tropical forest or the dreamlike ultramarine blue, enhanced by mixing tobacco and black, leather and amber, variations of the Maison’s iconic colors.

The upholstered furniture is functional in its modularity and allows the play of materials and finishes, as in the new Margaret armchair, which combines the Pequin with a Palladium finish of the steel profiles in its most iconic model.
The Boogie series of tables recalls the geometric and pure strength already seen in the Ripple and Anya, showing the completion of the search for modularity and the use of materials and colors.

The glass tops meet the chromatic needs of the environments and the most precious marbles such as Calacatta Warm Gold, Portoro, Verde Alpi and Rosso Lepanto, convey the highest expression of elegance.
Nature returns once again in the series of FENDI Garden vases, geometric as paintings, whispered in framing small green oases in the rooms and playfully arranged in modular pictorial compositions on the furnishings.

A collection that includes exquisite products, offering a lifestyle capable to stand out in different times and places to live the home in an elegant and sophisticated way.